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Some models consider them to be comagmatic and relate these rocks by processes of liquid immiscibility (Philpotts, 1981) or a specific fractionation trend (Owens , 1989; Duchesne, 1990).

A typical Proterozoic anorthosite–mangerite–charnockite association is exposed in the Lofoten Islands, off the NW coast of Norway, which is dominated by mangerites and charnockites.

2); the nearly inaccessible Moskenesøy anorthosite on the island of Moskenesøy, which is not further described here; and the Eidsfjord anorthosite, which occurs on the island of Langøy.

The contacts between the troctolitic and the gabbroic rocks are gradational.

Detailed estimation of intrinsic parameters () indicates a systematic relationship between the phase assemblages in anorthosites, ferrodiorites, mangerites and charnockites, which is compatible with fractional crystallization of a mafic parental magma.

The commonly observed association of Proterozoic massif-type anorthosites [see Ashwal (1993) and references therein] with jotunitic and mangeritic or charnockitic rocks is still not satisfactorily explained.

In this paper, the first of a series on these rocks, we present the field observations and phase petrology, and determine the conditions under which the intrusions were emplaced.

Subsequent papers will concentrate on the whole-rock and isotope geochemistry of the Lofoten anorthosite suite and will put forth hypotheses for its origin.

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The estimation of the intensive parameters for the crystallization of anorthosites, mangerites and charnockites has been hindered by several problems and has therefore rarely been done successfully (Fuhrman , 1988; Kolker & Lindsley, 1989).

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